About Me

I served in Iraq in 2004 with Task Force 185 Aviation (Army). My contributions to the book are from my time in country and relationships I have from the military.

Other Activities

  1. -Cub scouts with my son

  2. -Training for FBI

  3. -Emergency Medicine

  4. -Research & Development


I live in Birmingham, AL and would be happy to come to your area to speak or attend a book signing.


The experiences of our service members and their families in our book cover a multitude of challenges, disappointments and fears. There are also amazing moments of peace and clarity of purpose and blessing in these stories.

When an individual is pressed beyond their limits and put into extraordinary circumstances something happens. They either lean on their own strength and capability to understand their circumstance in which they generally collapse under the pressure, or they find strength and hope and courage in the reality of faith and a belief in the sovereignty of God.

My contributions in “Battlefields & Blessings: Stories of Faith and Courage from Iraq and Afghanistan” are generally found from September 22nd and December 14th.

Stories of Faith and Courage...